Lessons learned from multiple careers that will get you from start to finish

Become an effective decision maker and respected leader

A tried-and-true methodology of leadership from a long and varied career



Lessons Learned from Multiple Careers

  • Prologue: A Massive Peacetime Troop Movement

    The moving of the Army-Navy Game from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Pasadena, California was no easy task to say the very least. It took determination, dedication, and solid leadership skills to make the move possible.

  • Chapter 1: Why Is Finishing so Hard?

    In the modern business world, it seems as though it is nearly impossible to finish anything you start. Interrupters may come at you from every angle, but you have to consciously decide to decide to finish what you have begun.

  • Chapter 2: “It Can’t Be Done”

    You will be told that it cannot be done. It can be done, but only if you make the decision that it is possible. Without a firm grasp of what the successful outcome of your actions will be, you are just starting something you’ll never finish.

  • Chapter 3: Decide to Decide

    Making a decision implies that you have made the commitment to realize your decision. This is the first step in the process of following through with your actions and executing the plan – decide to decide!

  • Chapter 4: Accountability

    It may or may not come as a surprise, but your employees want to be held accountable for their actions and accept responsibility. As their leader, you must give them these opportunities while also holding yourself accountable.

  • Chapter 5: Delegation

    We are all guilty of not wanting to take the time to delegate tasks and telling ourselves that, “It’s easier if I do it.” The simple truth is that this is not always the case and you may be holding your people back from learning how to do said task as well.

  • Chapter 6: Working with People

    More often than not, the reason that you find yourself starting everything and finishing nothing is because of people. You must find your own way of working and dealing with others if you want to move forward.

  • Chapter 7: In Conclusion…

    Conclusions normally come at the end of a presentation to wrap everything up. By opening with one, your audience learns what you’re going to talk about, allowing you to gauge their reactions and to respond accordingly.

Lessons Learned from Multiple Careers

Rolfe G. Arnhym has spent his professional life creating a method of leadership that has proved to be incredibly effective. From his time in the Army, to positions of leadership within various Chambers of Commerce, Arnhym’s experiences, trials and tribulations helped form this unique, somewhat unconventional leadership style. These tips and tricks are useful for anyone honing in on their skills as an authority figure or simply wanting to create a better management plan.

The Army-Navy Game

Moving the Army-Navy game was no simple feat by any stretch of the imagination – it took determination, skill, and a strong leader to get all of the details in order. With determination and experience on his side, Arnhym created a plan and worked hard to make it a reality. The game itself may not have been the financial success that was desired, but it was a thrilling and memorable accomplishment for everyone involved in the historic occasion.

It Can Be Done

Throughout his varied career, Arnhym has been told that many of his goals were unattainable. What kept him from failure was making the decision that it can be done, and deciding that he was going to be the one to do it. The first step towards accomplishing your objectives is to realize that there is a decision to be made, followed by actually making the choice to accomplish it. Reaching your end target is all up to you and the choices you make to get there.

The Aspects of Leadership

Being a leader can be a wonderful position to be in. You are able to help your team to be the best they can be and assist in reaching their goals. Leadership, however, does pose challenges to the completion of your own work. There will be interrupters, time-management issues, delegation difficulties, and many other threats to your own productivity that you must learn to deal with effectively to get things done.

Start Everything and Finish Nothing

It is common to begin a task with the best intentions and then find yourself creating excuses for why it never gets done. You must “decide to decide” to make it happen, stay focused on your end goal, and work diligently until it is completed. There is no doubt that there will be hurdles to jump and issues to deal with along the way, but you must overcome these obstacles to see yourself successful in the end.



Lessons learned from multiple careers that will get you from start to finish

Become an effective decision maker and respected leader

A tried-and-true methodology of leadership from a long and varied career